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postheadericon LOST IN A WHISPER

This tutorial was written by me on the 27th April 2008
Any resemblence to any other tutorial is purely coincidental.

Supplies Needed.

2 images of choice. I am using the excellent work of Zindy Nielsen.
I bought the tubes When Zindy was at MPT.
You can purchase Zindy's work from HERE.

Frame: Frame is made by chelle aka weecottlass you can get it HERE

Mask of choice
Flowers of choice
Wordart of Choice
Butterflies of Choice

Ok lets start.

Open a new canvass 600 x 600 and floodfill white.

New raster layer and floodfill with a colour of choice.

Load mask of choice. Layers, merge, merge group.

Copy and paste frame as a new layer.

Using the magic wand click inside one side of the frame,

selections modify, modify by 2.

selections invert.

copy and paste image of choice when in place, hit delete on your keyboard.

selections, select none.

Drag the image layer below the frame layer.

Frame layer active.

Again using your magic wand click inside the other part of the frame.

Follow the above steps so both frames have the images of choice in them.

Copy and paste a flower of choice and place on the left bottom corner of the frame.
drag this layer below the frame and image so its above the mask layer.

duplicate, image mirror.

copy and place the same flower again keeping this layer at the top and place near the middle of the frame.

Add butterflies and embelishments of choice colourising to match your tag.

Add wordart of choice and place where you feel is best.

add a slight dropshadow to you layers.

Add © info for the artist and license number for yourself if needed.

save as a jpeg or png and your finished.

Thank you for trying my tut x Lorna


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